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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Resources
by Elise Bowerman

The practice of yoga offers countless advantages.  The following are some of the most basic and important - no matter where or when you begin practicing... yoga knows no age or boundaries to experience these life-changing benefits.

Asana (Physical Exercise) Benefits

  • Increased:
    • alignment
    • balance
    • body awareness (proprioception)
    • flexibility
    • funtional movement patterns (movements you do everyday)
    • range of motion
    • resilience
    • sensitivity
    • stability
    • strength
  • Cleansing of toxins from body
  • Adaptability off the mat

Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) Benefits

  •  Increased:
    • energy
    • sensitivity
    • sleep ability
    • vitality
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Balances
    • mood regulation/emotions
    • Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) and Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)
      • SNS in our western culture is "on" more than it is "off," which is why many have difficulty staying still, sleeping, and may "switch" right into aggressiveness/anger if slightly provoked.
        • PNS = ability to go with the flow, relax, chill-out
        • SNS = fight or flight, chest/lung breathing
  • Gives clarity of mind
  • Aids in purification/detox
  • Sense of feeling a lightness or energy flowing