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Birth Training
Anytime in your pregnancy, it's the best way to prepare for childbirth combining education, movement, and mindfulness.

What's Included

  • 5 in-person prenatal yoga classes taught by Elise Bowerman, a leader in the pregnancy and postpartum space with nearly 20 years experience and numerous certifications
  • Weekly education, movement, breathwork, and mindfulness
  • Circle discussion and support with local women in same phase of life
  • 6 month extended access to birth and postpartum resource portal
  • Lending library: pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum phases
  • Access to Elise's private online community

No yoga or fitness experience necessary. Many women explore yoga for the first time in pregnancy.


7399 Middlebelt Rd, Ste 4
West Bloomfield MI 48322
(NE corner of Middlebelt & 14 Mile Roads)


5-week series:
Saturdays, 9:30-10:45am or 11-12:15pm

Reservation Needed

Only 8 spots available and fill fast.

See Pricing and Schedule

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Prenatal Yoga Benefits in Birth Training

Prenatal Yoga Classes, Birth Education - Birthing Humanity - bh-img-healthierbaby

Healthier baby (medically supported)

  • Higher chance of healthy baby weight
  • Lower chance of a preterm birth

Sources: National Library of Medicine, Bio Med Central

Prenatal Yoga Classes, Birth Education - Birthing Humanity - bh-img-healthiermom

Healthier mom (medically supported)

  • Improved quality of healing after childbirth
  • Prenatal yoga methods lower stress and anxiety
  • Lowers chance of a medical intervention
  • Lowers chance of hemorrhaging

Sources: National Library of Medicine

Prenatal Yoga Classes, Birth Education - Birthing Humanity - bh-img-childbirth

Birth education to prepare for labor and birth

  • Learn what you need to do before, during, and after birth
  • Learn about the multiple stages of childbirth and how to be ready
  • Opportunity to ask any questions to Elise, a mom who's given birth twice, and who has been there for many women as a birth and postpartum doula
Prenatal Yoga Classes, Birth Education - Birthing Humanity - bh-img-circletime

Circle time

  • Receive empathy, support, and build bonds with other local women preparing for birth
  • Opportunity to ask any questions you have
  • This is usually everyone's favorite part!
Only 8 spots available and fill fast.


When is the best time in pregnancy to sign up?

Anytime you are ready. Some women join as soon as they find out they are pregnant; others wait until the second trimester. While others don't learn about this valuable program until their third trimester. When you are ready, it is the best time.

Can I sign up for multiple series?

Yes! You are encouraged to attend until baby arrives earth-side. By setting weekly time aside to focus on your pregnancy you are nurturing your relationship with this baby, getting used to ideas and options for labor and birth, and leaning into a community of support. Every new series brings fresh perspectives as the circle of women attending evolves.

Do I need any prior yoga or fitness experience?

No. For many women, pregnancy is their first experience with yoga.

How early should I arrive before class?

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up, use the restroom, and settle in.

What should I bring to class?

  • A yoga mat and water bottle.
  • Journal and pen/pencil.
  • Wear comfortable, breathable, flowy clothing. Layers work well in the cooler months. The room is set at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Refrain from heavy fragrances (i.e. lotions, perfumes or colognes.)
  • Consider removing watches and smart watches from your wrist. (I'll make sure class ends on time.)

Will I be required to share during circle time?

While participation is encouraged, only ever share what you feel comfortable with.

Confidentiality and discretion are essential for me. How do I know this group will uphold these values?

With over 15 years of guiding women's circles - confidentiality and discretion are addressed on day one; including seven other principles of security.

Maintaining small groups in our diverse community, including high-profile participants, invites vulnerability and supportive warmth uniting all of us women to meet each other's journey with acceptance, love, respect, and privacy.

What's included in the resource portal?

Everything you may possibly consider in pregnancy, preparing for birth, and caring for yourself and baby postpartum to make informed choices.

Topics include: 

  • Comprehending ancestral healing and birth psychology.
  • Evidence Based Birth research articles.
  • Local resources and providers
  • Labor and birth prep.
  • Postpartum BONUS: healing after birth, mental health, and healthy core/pelvic floor
  • Caring for baby BONUS: feeding, holding, and healthcare decisions.
  • Plus, ample handouts to print out for personal use.

Birth Training Gallery

Prenatal Yoga Testimonials

"I actually remembered something Elise said which helped me deliver, I encountered some difficulty at the end while pushing then I remembered Elise saying remember to relax and relieve some tension while in labor as soon as I recalled that I was able to deliver my son out in a few pushes."

"Thank you for a wonderful prenatal yoga experience. I was a bit apprehensive about taking yoga because I hadn't started earlier. Your breathing techniques as well as birthing positions guided me greatly during my labor day. It eased my labor process and I swear by it now."

"Elise's prenatal yoga class was my first experience with yoga... This yoga class had an enormous impact on the day of my daughters birth, and for that I am forever grateful to Elise. I recommend her class to everyone!"

"I have a new found love for this community and pregnancy - which I never knew existed. Thank you! You have changed and deepened my perspective."

"I truly loved and looked forward to this class each week. It really helped me relieve stress and focus on baby while preparing my mind and body for birth."

"Thank you for everything! It has truly been such an amazing experience. I remember you saying to me that this was my journey and I just needed to accept whatever baby was going to do. Those words rang in my mind and helped me embrace everything."

After Baby Arrives

Prenatal Yoga Classes, Birth Education - Birthing Humanity - after-baby-arrives2

Visit and Share

What's better than pictures?! You (with your baby) returning for a visit and share! Talk to current students about your experiences about how Birth Training with prenatal yoga supported your motherhood journey thus far.

You will have about 5-10 minutes to share and answer questions. It's a gift to retell your story as it shapes your perspective of the birth. It also helps others navigate their choices leading up to childbirth.