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You will not learn everything you need to know about birth.

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Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold, and the body, a miracle of wisdom.

- Harriet Hartigan, midwife and writer

For thousands of years women supported other women in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and motherhood. 

Not so the case anymore due to the masculine energy overdrive in our entire world. 

Independence (“I can do it myself” attitude), fear, and avoidance have taken over this primal transformation women get to experience… often leaving them bewildered, traumatized, and feeling “not good enough.”

None of those qualities are supportive to women and growing families.

Mothers, aunts, sisters, neighbors, and wise crones were hands-on providing nourishing food, drink, massage, care for the newborn, education in normalizing this phase of life, and protecting the new mother from over-work so that she may fully heal to be her best self.

Today, many of us (myself included) do not have the mother, mother-in-law, sisters, friends, and crones freely available to give loving and proper support to our families.

Which means we must invest in our support system of dedicated professionals for the motherhood phase of life.

Consider what you invested for your wedding day (if you're married), your vehicle or home, your clothes, instant-gratification services like hair, nails, lashes, injections, fillers, jewelry, smart devices, etc.

As you reflect on your spending habits you may notice our current culture is resistant to investing in mothers and children.

The overdrive of masculine energy not valuing the feminine is wreaking havoc in our society today.

If you request and receive the care you need to feel confident, informed, and nurtured as the matriarch, you will shift the masculine overdrive we see prevalent in homes today. The macrocosm of what is happening in homes is what is played out in society.

Paying attention and tending to the microcosm of your personal family life is where living with greater ease and contentment begins.

When you join Birth Training or Women’s Circle you will receive the necessary practices, rituals, ceremony to reclaim your feminine power. Plus, a wealth of information including referrals and resources to continue to focus on what calls you to care better for yourself and family.

After 15 years of supporting new mothers we found continued communication is the ultimate help. Motherhood Coaching is a way to receive support for brainstorming, to discuss situations as they arise, to know you have someone on your side who respects your unique story of becoming a mother, and be received with loving care - no matter what.

When you visit your physician or therapist they have a limited amount of time per appointment, and often you may not be able to speak to them again until your next visit. As a Motherhood Coach you can reach out to me when it’s most convenient for you in between set appointments.

Know that you are in full control of the life you live. I’m here to walk with you on your path… and there’s an abundance of other incredible professionals with other expertise ready for you, too.