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Fertility and Yoga

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by Elise Bowerman       Updated August 2023

How Yoga Can Help During Conception

Trying to have a baby can be a fun and romantic time for a couple. However, as time passes the conception process may get dogmatic, forced, and stressful.

Difficulty conceiving a child can happen at any time. Just because the first, second, or third conception was a breeze, doesn’t mean the next one is the same. These babies have their own timelines to enter this world. As their parents (even before we’re officially their parents) we need to create a nurturing environment within ourselves along with our surroundings to truly care for this new life.

I originally wrote this article in 2016 when research indicated 30% of fertility issues rested on stress alone. Now, this 30% is mix of physical/mental stressors and environmental factors, like lifestyle. 

It takes an honest moment to realize there may be too much on your plate while trying to conceive. An outside supporter, like a yoga teacher or healthcare professional can introduce new ways to reduce stress in your life.

Planting the Seed incorporates yoga for fertility practices to aid in reducing stress, balancing hormones, and provide a supportive community of local women walking on the same path.

Whether you just decided to start trying, or have been at it for a while, Planting the Seed will support you to invite new life into your body. 

Yoga for fertility has similar benefits to regular yoga classes, like balancing the autonomic nervous system, riding the body of toxins, and gaining greater flexibility and strength. The big difference is this method uses specific postures, breathing techniques, mudras, and meditations to heal imbalances in the reproductive system and mentally de-stress.

Another focus is to balance the reproductive system. There are yoga poses like, Setu Bandhasana (bridge pose) to enhance stability in this part of the body while alleviating stress. Using energetic qualities of the body through the chakra’s (energy points) will also aid the reproductive system to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

You can even do these practices while using medical fertility methods to conceive, too!

Preparing to welcome baby into your womb is a powerful practice often referred to as conscious conception. Incorporating yoga practices into your life to conceive with love and trust well set a strong foundation for a healthy bond between mother and baby.