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Tough Mudder or Tough Mother?

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by Elise Bowerman

Seven million people are paying to experience extreme pain.

Tough Mudder is a half-billion dollar industry – and growing rapidly!

When I heard about the documentary, Rise of the Sufferfests, about Tough Mudder - immediately my mind went to how childbirth offers women the chance for achievement, to feel powerful, confident and awesome. All the quotes just in this opening trailer highlight the gifts childbirth offers women.

“Everyone wants to have proof of existence, proof they’re somebody…”

When you birth your baby the proof of existence is staring straight into your eyes. Prove your are somebody by being present with your child(ren) – emotionally and physically engaged. That’s super tough!

“We live in a world where we don’t get scars, we get paper cuts.”

That’s why we need to birth our children with resilience, strength and trust. No escaping the discomfort – facing it head on. The power of the contractions are not stronger than any one woman, because they come from the woman.

“We are infatuated with our social identities.”

Post your sweat and tears of pregnancy and birthing. No one will work harder than a birthing woman. #sweetmommayoga 

“When am I an adult? We are seeking those rituals.”

Ah, how about the ritual of pregnancy and childbirth?! It’s a big deal! We’ve lost the ritual aspect of caring and honoring the pregnant and birthing woman. This is a sign we need to get back to our roots as primal humans giving respect for the birthing process.

(That quote was said by a female.)

“Everybody wants to go to sleep at night thinking I can’t believe I did that.”

That’s exactly what every birthing woman thinks once baby’s in the outside world. Childbirth is a miraculous event!

“If we’re not being tested and challenged then we just cannot grow.”

Over 60% of women are numbing this transformative experience with the use of an epidural or spinal anesthesia. There is no wonder why our culture continues to seek outside sources for stimulus and achievement.