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Embracing the cosmic feminine

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Has the number 13 ever cast a shadow in your life as a sign of fear? If so, you are not alone.

For thousands of years the number 13 has been paired with darkness and superstition, especially within the frames of Western society. But ever wonder why? This narrative goes back to the dawn of patriarchal reigns, leaving behind the lush matriarchal gardens where once, women, in their divine essence, were revered.

Before the era shaped by Constantine's Christianity, you'll discover societies where femininity was not just celebrated but regarded as a cosmic bridge. Women, in their natural cycles, were seen as bearers of profound wisdom, keepers of celestial secrets, and leaders in both spiritual and material realms. 

Even at the Last Supper, as depicted in the sacred texts, there were believed to be 13 in attendance and then Jesus' crucifixion the following day, Friday. This is merely a thread in the larger tapestry illustrating how our perceptions have been molded by historical transitions - from communal trade to the intertwining of religion within Western medical system. All in place to give power and leadership positions to men.

But now, we are in a paradigm shift, beyond whispers of change. The sacred feminine will no longer be suppressed and one way to embrace the feminine that pulses in all of us is to reflect and honor the number 13. A symbol of luck and sanctity.

Let me share a personal testament: my birth on a Friday the 13th, a day my mother embraced against conventional fears, resisting the push for an elective cesarean. This choice wasn't mere defiance; it was a declaration of faith in the profound cycles of life and womanhood, a shared rite of passage into new dimensions of being… for me entering this world, and her rebirth as a mother.

The natural world echoes this sacred cycle with 13 moon phases each year. Women experience 13 menstrual cycles annually, a rhythm once honored as a gateway to deeper intuition and cosmic dialogue. The 'red tent' traditions, where women gathered during their cycles, stand as testament of time when these natural processes were held in high esteem, not shrouded in shame.

Within the number 13 lies the essence of feminine power: a symbol of transformation, fertility, and the circle of life and death. Coupled with Friday's connection to Freya and Venus, deities of love, creation, and nurturing, what moment could be more potent for reclaiming one's divine femininity or welcoming new life into the world?

Friday the 13th, is truly a day of inspiring energies. For those born under this sky may connect deeply with the primal forces of creativity, emotion, and rebirth.

Embrace the journey. Reclaim your legacy. Let the mystical embrace of number 13 guide you back to the depths of your sacred feminine, as we ride together on the waves of awakening.

Reflection prompts:

How do you feel in your body after reading about the sacred feminine of Friday the 13th?

What were you told or what did you see as modeled behavior about the number 13 or Friday the 13th?

What is one way you can embrace the sacred feminine within you each month?