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We are stronger together.
Lifting moms up as they raise our future leaders with conscious connection, support, and education.

Pregnancy, Postpartum, Motherhood

Motherhood Coaching from Founder Elise
Birth Training - Prenatal Yoga
Intentional Living - Reclaim Your Feminine Power
Birth Humanity - Natural Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum - doula

Doula Services 

I help normalize and hold sacred the transition of bringing new life into the world. You will receive attentive care for mom and newborn(s), plus help for family members adjusting to the new routine with comforting support.

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Compliment Yoga with
MamaCore Method

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To heal really well from childbirth we recommend MamaCore at Home. Dr. Kate is a Michigan mom residing in Kalamazoo who created this accessible at-home program for busy moms postpartum.

You will find her guidance is familiar with what you learned in Birth Training, so you can effectively implement her strategies and wisdom. Get started today!

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