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Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Adria_M_TT_testimonia
The best yoga teacher training I have ever experienced. Hands down. To this day. I swear by it. The education and expertise Elise offers - the thoroughness and the acknowledgement of racial trauma... I highly encourage anyone who has considered becoming prenatal yoga certified to sign up for this program. - Adria Moses (The School of Radical Healing)
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Brielynn_S_TT_Testimonial
I loved Sweet Momma Yoga's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training that I took in early 2019. As a 200hr trained yoga teacher, I felt I learned an instrumental amount (way more than 85hrs!) of information from Elise. I'm confidently teaching prenatal yoga 2x per week feeling extremely confident in the movements I'm teaching, the information I'm sharing, and the community I'm helping to create because of this training. Prenatal yoga is so much more than modified poses, and Elise makes that very evident in her training. Now that the training is officially over, I feel I have a support system from Elise at any time; whether it's a business question, a question about a pose, or a little note sharing how special it was to see a Momma feel confident in her body and voice during her pregnancy. Elise and Sweet Momma Yoga are everything and more that I could've hoped for when I was searching for a training. Highly highly recommend. - BrieLynn Sturm (OM Momma Yoga, Kalamazoo MI)
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Laurin_O
Sweet Momma Yoga's PYTT was an incredible experience. Elise is so knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend the course to anyone looking to become a prenatal yoga instructor. - Laurin Otten (Wisconsin)
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Testimonial_CJ_Campbell
I highly recommend the Sweet Momma Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training for anyone looking to learn how to teach and support women during pregnancy. The instruction from Elise and her guest teachers comes from their deep understanding, knowledge, and firsthand experiences working with women in their childbearing years. Every minute of the training hours is thoughtfully curated without ever feeling rushed through discussions, questions and reflection on the material. This is not a fluff and buff class. You will be well versed and confident in safe and effective practices for your students, and easily apply the teachings to a general audience class. This training introduced me to so many new ideas and resources to continue my own self-study and continuing education. It's truly been a transformational experience. - CJ Campbell  (CJ Yoga and Wellness, Rochester Hills MI)
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Angela_A
I cannot recommend Sweet Momma prenatal yoga teacher training enough. Elise is an amazing teacher. She presents an enormous amount of information in a digestable format. Her passion for prenatal yoga is undeniable. Even if you have no prior knowledge of pregnancy or birth, you will leave this training confident and prepared to teach. Elise's support doesn't end when the training ends; she truly cares about her students. If you're considering prenatal yoga teacher training, sign up for Sweet Momma Yoga!! - Angela Arnold  (MI)
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Teacher_BrittneyL
Elise taught me so much during teacher training and was always willing to take the extra time if anyone needed it. I am so thankful I took her teacher training. - Brittney Ling  (Happy Baby Yoga, Carkston MI)
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Jeanna-K
Thank you so very much for everything! I really love your caring and direct-with-love teaching style. You kept me very engaged; learning far more than I thought possible about the birthing experience and myself. I also really appreciate your emphasis on supporting the mothers to trust their instincts and for us, as teachers, to trust ours. At least for me, your continued patience, trust, encouragement and confidence really helps me to open-up, extend my boundaries and become more comfortable in the non-physical aspects of teaching. The training’s mixture of background, industry theories, reasons behind specific teaching/pose choices mixed with hands on practice and actual classes made absorbing the information and incorporating the knowledge far more successful. I agree there needs to be more prenatal yoga teachers that are trained and willing to dive deeper in their classes into what mind, body and baby are experiencing through the entire process. Great job making this a reality with your training. Every one of the teachers trained by you that I have encountered are awesome as people and teachers with their own style but similar mission. Thank you so very much again, Elise, for opening your home, heart, classes and life to us! - Jeanna Kiehl (Detroit MI)
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Testimonial_LSaie
I took my prenatal yoga teacher training through Sweet Momma Yoga. Elise is an incredible teacher with so much knowledge and passion for assisting women through the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Through her training, I not only learned how to teach prenatal yoga, but was also able to refine the skills I gained in my 200 hour yoga teacher training. Elise has continued to provide support and reassurance and so have the other students who took the training at the same time I did. Even if you don't intend to teach prenatal, this training is so helpful in empowering women to trust their intuition and strength. I would highly recommend taking prenatal yoga teacher training with Elise at Sweet Momma Yoga! - Lindsay Saie
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Lauren_H_headshot1
I took prenatal yoga teacher training with Elise this fall and she is amazing! She is so knowledgeable, and is a wealth of information. She is conscious and intentional in everything she does, says, and teaches. I learned so much not only about yoga, but birth, the body, compassion, and my self. I was pushed through my comfort zone in a gentle way, and it has changed a lot of my perspective. I am so grateful south East Michigan has Elise!! She helps make the birth community strong and sustainable. I would recommended Elise to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning how to teach prenatal yoga. She is a great guide, and she makes herself available. She practices what she teaches, and it shows. You can feel it through her light and awake energy. The training was organized and a place where we could learn, ask questions, connect, and discover things about ourselves. Being a doula, with no prior yoga teaching experience, Her training helped plant the seed to pursue a 200 HR yoga teacher training. I am so grateful for her teachings, and all of her teachers that shared their knowledge with her so she could share it with us. - Lauren Hodson (Root to Rise Birth, Detroit MI)
Testimonials - Birth Humanity - Negar_Cooper
Elise is SUPER knowledgeable teacher who taught me not only what I paid for (Prenatal Yoga) but also things I will use to enhance the quality of life for myself and the members of my community. I can't express my gratitude with words to you her. Opening her beautiful home with her warm hospitality and care. The amount of time she spend on making clarifications on subjects that sounded foggy, was MUCH appreciated as well as the time she took to put together such a complete corricolume . I would not suggest Elise's PYRT if you just want to check a box and add to your yoga alliance, go see her, if you are seeking the real deal. if you want to come out of her training feeling proud and accomplished. Feeling like you are now responsible to take your learnings to the real world and help "hopefully" thousands of women who can have THEE most amazing birth and after birth with the practice of yoga. as Elise says, Knowledge is power, so thank you for making me feel powerful after completing this training. - Negarian Cooper (Ohio)